Villa Mayan

Mayan Villa is located on the outskirts of the third summer tourist village of Mashhad, which is 1800 years old. A land with an area of ​​265 square meters with a width of 9 meters, on a rocky land with a steep slope, which its special character is a pristine landscape and its connection with the context. Consequently, the creation of a harmonious relationship between the volume and the context with the slightest change in the historical-natural form of the context was the most important idea of the project for the designing team. In this regard, the study and complete identification of indigenous patterns, from the morphology of the texture of the historic village to the ecology of the natural environment, helped greatly to form the concept of project.

Architect:Afshin Khosravian
Employer:Afshin Khosravian
Designers assistants:Ali Javid, Fahimeh Karimi
Computer and graphic:Ali Javid, Fatemeh Karimi, Somayeh Asadi
Address:Mayan Village
Total area foundation:242 m2
Construction density:265 m2
Number of Floors:2