Ghorbani Residential

Designing ideas:

At first, the situation of site location according to its situation at the end of the blind alley (dead-end alley) was studied and analyzed. The result of the study indicated that the main crisis of the project was lack of direct and front view and in fact, the only viewing angle of the construction is located at the beginning of the alley, which should be responded in designing. Among different ideas reviewed in the process of designing, the curved shell rotation of the façade in a special angle towards the beginning of the alley was considered in the designing.

During the progress of the project, the two curved joints in the location of the terraces have been separated from each other by a detachment (rapture) and have created an appropriate response to the main crisis.

Architect:Afshin Khosravian
Employer:Mr. Ghorbani
Designers assistants:Ghazaleh Davari- Javad Sheri
Computer and graphic:Niloofar Shoja
State:Razavi Khorasan
Address:First alley on the right, 42 Sanabad Street
Total area foundation:1475
Construction density:357
Number of Floors:5